Cancer Support Now, Inc

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For support and information call our Helpline at 505-255-0405 or 855-955-3500. All CSN support services are free.

Current Board of Directors (Term expires on 12/31/2017 ** ; Term expires on 12/31/2016 *)

The Cancer Support Now Board of Directors meets monthly, usually on the second Sunday of the month from 1pm to 3:15 pm, but has been known to deviate due to holidays, conferences, or travel. If you have items of business or discussion you would like to present to or ask of the board, you may call or email any Board member, or you may attend any meeting; just ask the Board President for the location and time of the next board meeting by e-mailing Sandy at

Sandy Ginsburg, PhD President **

Sandy Ginsburg is a three-time breast cancer survivor and bladder cancer survivor who is living with leukemia. She was a founder and President of the NM Coalition for Literacy and on the national board of Literacy Volunteers of America. She was President of the NM Arts & Crafts Fair and a board member of the WHEELS Museum and the Albuquerque Museum Foundation.

Jerald Cross M.S., in ED Vice President **

Jerry is a retired special education and science teacher, with 35 years' teaching experience. He developed aggressive prostate cancer in 2011 and was treated with surgery and radiation. He is an active advocate for prostate cancer outreach and education, and is a team member of the Community Cancer Navigation CSN program. He enjoys doing technical and computer work, from researching to find information, putting together newsletters, and using social media.

Anjanette Cureton, Psy D. Secretary **

Dr. Cureton is the clinical psychologist at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center. A brain cancer survivor, Dr. Cureton is a peer support group facilitator for Cancer Support Now.

Kathi Ledford, CDFM Treasurer *

Kathi is a retired Federal Accountant with over 32 years of accounting experience. Her last position was with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington, DC, where she served as Chief, Financial Reporting and Analysis, responsible for implementing a new accounting system and producing the Audited Financial Statements. She is a Thyroid Cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2010, and has a family history of cancer with her parents, her brother and her husband.

Carmelita Agodon, M.D. **

Dr. Agodon, an anesthesiologist, a bilateral breast cancer survivor and a trained support facilitator. Prior to her own cancer experience, she was a caregiver to her grandmother with lung cancer, uncle with colon cancer and an aunt with breast cancer.

Sarah Contreras, Navigator in Spanish *

Sarah Contreras, cancer survivor, caregiver for husband who passed with lung cancer, thirty years in social work - child abuse, children's services, and as a volunteer, support group facilitator, one of two primary navigators for Community Cancer Navigation CSN program, fluent in Spanish.

Cyndi Heller, MS **

Cyndi is a semi-retired educator and adult trainer with experience from pre-school through university. With degrees in education, art and educational technology she says she can use both sides of her brain – just not concurrently Her leisure interests include ethnic arts and crafts, museums, theatre, Mah Jongg, animals and reading. Her own cancer journey inspired her to serve Cancer Support Now so that others and their caregivers can learn about this remarkable organization. She hopes to help Cancer Support Now achieve and maintain their mission.

Albert Hiat, PhD **

Al Hiat is retired from the Indian Health Service where his last position was Chief of the Headquarters for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Programs. His wife, Alice, is a long-term breast cancer survivor and his father had terminal prostate cancer. Dr. Hiat has facilitated support groups for caregivers.

Michael Linver, M.D. **

Michael Linver, a radiologist with X-Ray Associates specializing in breast imaging for 26 years, serves as Clinical Professor of Radiology at UNM. He lectures on breast imaging, presenting over 900 lectures in the U.S. and over 20 foreign countries, with his main areas of interest being outcomes analysis and the patientfocused approach to breast imaging.

Mary Mann, R.N., B.A *

Mary Mann is a breast and thyroid cancer survivor along with rheumatoid arthritis; local business owner for 24 years, critical care R. N., writer, photographer, author of blog,

Mark Rupert, M.S. Geography *

Mark Rupert is a cancer survivor of a non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in sinus area (2013);treated with chemotherapy and radiation and attends a CSN support group. Administration for Albuquerque Dukes 1981- 1993 and Brain Fitness Instructor at Fairwinds Rio Rancho (2007-2011).

Denise Uzeda, B.S. *

Denis Uzeda is a breast cancer survivor (stage 4) since 2009. In remission, Denise is able to empathize with and support those on the same difficult path. She is a Certified Life Coach, support group facilitator and a team member of Community Cancer Navigation CSN program is fluent in Portuguese and some Spanish.

Eleanor Schick, Helpline Coordinator

Eleanor Schick answers the Cancer Support Now, Inc. Helpline providing support to callers and information on resources. She is a breast cancer survivor and a support group facilitator. Eleanor is one of two primary navigators for the Community Cancer Navigation CSN program.

Patricia Torn, MPA Cancer Support Now Facilitator Training/Workshops Cancer Thriving and Surviving

Four-time cancer caregiver for loved ones, Patricia retired from the City of Albuquerque in 2000. Working in cancer support related positions since then, she facilitates a support group and is a team member of the Community Cancer Navigation CSN program.